What determines if a New Yorker is a Yankee or Met fan?

What determines if a New Yorker is a Yankee or Met fan?

Jul, 20 2023 Caden Everhart

The Geography Factor

It's often said that a New Yorker's baseball allegiance is determined by the part of the city they're from. Growing up in the Bronx, the home of the Yankees, it's almost a given that you'll grow up cheering for the pinstripes. On the other hand, those from Queens, where the Mets reside, are more likely to be Mets fans. This geographical allegiance is often passed down from generation to generation, with families instilling the love for a particular team in their children.

Historical Significance

The history of the teams also plays a significant role in determining whether a New Yorker is a Yankee or Met fan. The Yankees, founded in 1901, have a rich history filled with legendary players and numerous championships. This history of success and tradition often attracts fans. In contrast, the Mets, established in 1962, have a shorter, less illustrious history. However, they have their own charm and have attracted a loyal fan base that appreciates their underdog status.

Personal Experiences and Memories

Personal experiences and memories are another major factor that determines a New Yorker's baseball allegiance. Many fans develop their loyalty based on memorable games or seasons they've experienced. For instance, the incredible 1998 Yankees season or the miracle Mets of 1969 could have been the catalyst for a lifelong passion. These personal memories and experiences, whether they're of heartbreaking losses or triumphant victories, often shape a person's allegiance to a team.

The Influence of Family and Friends

Family and friends also have a significant impact on whether a New Yorker is a Yankee or Met fan. Many New Yorkers inherit their team allegiance from their parents or grandparents. Similarly, the influence of friends cannot be underestimated. Peer pressure or the desire to fit in can lead someone to support a particular team. This social factor often plays a crucial role, especially during childhood when many people first develop their sports allegiances.

Celebrity Endorsements and Media Coverage

The media, celebrities and public figures can also sway a New Yorker's baseball allegiance. The Yankees, for instance, are often portrayed in the media as the more glamorous and successful team. This can attract fans who want to associate with success and prestige. Similarly, celebrities who support a particular team can influence fans. For instance, the famous Seinfeld episode where Jerry is a passionate Mets fan might have won the Mets some supporters.

The Player Factor

Lastly, particular players can determine whether a New Yorker is a Yankee or Met fan. For instance, iconic players like Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and Derek Jeter have attracted many fans to the Yankees. On the other hand, stars like Tom Seaver, Mike Piazza, and David Wright have done the same for the Mets. A player's performance, charisma, and off-field actions can all contribute to a fan's allegiance to a team.

Conclusion: A Mix of Factors

In conclusion, there's no single factor that determines whether a New Yorker is a Yankee or Met fan. It's often a mix of geography, history, personal experiences, the influence of family and friends, media portrayal, and individual players. Ultimately, it's a personal choice that's often influenced by a variety of factors. Whether you're a Yankee or Met fan, one thing's for sure: being a baseball fan in New York is a unique and exciting experience.